How much are your forklift batteries worth used? We will pay you top dollar. We buy them as scrap or as used, and we recondition them. We want your batteries and we can pay more for them, so you get the most money!

1. Once the batteries are palletized and ready to ship, we handle the freight

3. We can make payment immediately for the base value of the batteries.

5. 100% of the scrap companies we work with are approved by the EPA and are in compliance. This is important because if the smelter is not compliant, that liability includes the original seller.

2. We receive the batteries, weigh them, and pay a minimum of market scrap value

4. After we spend multiple days working on each battery, we are ready for testing. If the battery tests well, we pay you more!

6. We maintain and can provide proper documentation certifying that all scrap sales are in compliance with regulations.

Evergreen Example Payout

Values depend on battery model

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