The Hidden Cost of Ownership

“We save money on our forklifts because we haven’t replaced anything in years”
“We keep repairing our forklifts and batteries until they die”
“Our batteries last a long time - almost ten years”

Sound familiar?

Companies extend the life of equipment to save money and stay under budget. What isn’t obvious, however, is that the cost to own older forklifts actually starts going up each year after a certain age.

The Evergreen Lease is designed to keep costs low, while also allowing an upgrade on your equipment.

Reduced Costs

Get rid of the equipment that is driving up costs.

Upgraded Equipment

Your operators will thank you for a nicer ride.

Full Service

Service and maintenance are included in the lease, so you know your costs will stay low.

Data Analysis

For the first time, know exactly how each truck is running and spot problems before they get big.

renew power

The Solution

  • Step 1 – Analysis
    Old forklifts break down more often. When they do, replacement parts are expensive and hard to find. Similarly, old batteries actually create real costs for a company. Operators can’t get through a shift and weak batteries cause forklifts components to overheat and fail.
    We provide detailed analysis of how much your fleet is costing, where money can be saved, and how certain practices in your specific operation are affecting equipment life. You get concrete information about your actual fleet – no hypotheticals, no guesswork.
  • Step 2 – Upgrade fleet and reduce costs
    We have access to thousands of low-hour, off-lease forklifts in addition to new equipment from any manufacturer of your choosing. Additionally, we guarantee our batteries in our leases, so there are no questions about the quality of the battery. We leverage these resources to provide full service leases that reduce your costs and improve your equipment.
  • Step 3 – Ongoing Consulting
    We continue to provide reporting about how to extend the life of your equipment. Login online and see how your batteries are being used, charged, and watered in real time. For the first time, you can get complete clarity of your operation delivered through battery tracking devices.

Free Site Survey

For starters, and at no cost to you, we come to your warehouse and provide a detailed report on each of your batteries that includes:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial number (decoded into year)
  • Voltage and gravity readings

You can use this as a starting point to plan for replacement. You don’t even have to call us again (but we hope you will)!

Get started with our free site survey today!

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