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Evergreen Industrial Batteries is now Alpine Power Systems!

We are excited to announce that Evergreen Industrial Batteries is now a part of the Alpine Power Systems family.

View our press release here: https://yhoo.it/3fCOlI2

Why Do We Exist

Evergreen exists to empower its staff to create a better future (health, personal, and career).

What We Believe

At Evergreen Industrial Batteries, we believe that following the path of having a vision, taking a risk, and doing hard work creates personal fulfillment, makes better leaders in family and in the community, and drives company growth. True to this spirit, Evergreen began as a concept in 2010 and turned into the #1 fastest growing company in northeast Ohio in 2015 and the #7 company in 2016 (according to the Weatherhead 100). We believe that by doing what is best for our staff, we drive excellent customer service and generate great results for the company.

Who We Serve

Our staff are like family. Because of the nature and duration and of our interaction with our staff, we by extension prioritize our service to our staff above all else. This includes robust health care benefits, 401k with company match, 15% profit sharing, and a culture of respect and empowerment for all employees.

Our customers trust us to have a reliable product at a reasonable cost. Our reconditioned batteries, for example, generally render 80% of original capacity for only 50% of original cost. Most importantly, our customers trust that we represent our batteries exactly as they are, and they know that we resolve problems quickly and with integrity. Furthermore, we are educators. We do extensive analysis of fleet spending, battery usage, and utilize our expertise to provide consultative services to end user companies.

Our suppliers benefit because we share the profits back with them. Since we are adding value to the used batteries we receive, we are able to pay more for the batteries we purchase. Not only do owners of used batteries receive more money, but we also provide detailed documentation required to meet EPA compliance and avoid liability associated with improper disposal. We also leverage our extensive freight networks to reduce shipping costs and keep more money going back to our suppliers.

In keeping with our mission of empowering our staff, we have a long-standing history of monetary and service contributions to the City Mission, Breakthrough Charter Schools, and Minds Matter of Cleveland because of their work on educating and empowering disadvantaged individuals.

What Makes Us Different

Everything we do is customer-focused. We are always asking, what does the customer want to see? What information does the customer need? How can we help our customers be successful? This has both an inward and an outward focus. We modify operations procedures, documentation, customer service, and billing in response to best fit our customer’s needs. By thinking about our internal processes with the customer in mind, we eliminate waste and create a better finished product.

Additionally, we are educators. We routinely have lengthy conversations with customers advising on charging practices, how to maximize battery life, and how to minimize material handling costs. If you want to know something, we will get the answer. It’s a simple approach, but unfortunately not a common one!

Leadership Team

Phil Arntz
Pablo Guevara
Julio Garcia Jr.
Phil Mosley
Bob Rowland
Bridget Falco
Rick Carrucini
Tai Lattimore
Daniela Rosu

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