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Evergreen Industrial Batteries buys, sells, and educates about forklift batteries and chargers.  Evergreen aims to understand your application and then help create and execute a plan to reduce costs by helping you get a longer economic life from your batteries. Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment for charging and testing your used forklift batteries and chargers for a deeper diagnostic.

Furthermore, Evergreen Industrial Batteries has a robust refurbished program that typically provides reconditioned forklift batteries that are 80% of original capacity for only 50% of original cost. We are glad to discuss whether this option makes sense for you, as well as to answer any questions on a variety of topics including:

  • Charging technologies and approaches
  • Month to month rentals & Leases
  • Free fleet utilization analysis
  • Guaranteed zero downtime battery management
  • Watering systems
  • Battery changing systems
  • Structuring scheduled battery replacement programs

Download our current forklift battery inventory (PDF) below:

Evergreen Industrial Battery Inventory

Download our current forklift charger inventory (PDF) below:

Evergreen Industrial Battery Inventory

We offer Special Pricing for Forklift Battery Dealers, contact one of our sales representatives today or call 216.503.9464 for separate inventory prices!